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Safety Information

SSP Safety Reminders

All SSP products are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. The following is a limited list of general safety tips as reminders of good safety practices:

  • Do not install, tighten or loosen a fitting, adapter or component while the system is under pressure.
  • Do not loosen a fitting, adapter or component to relieve or bleed system pressure.
  • Always use a back-up wrench to hold the fitting body steady when tightening or loosening tube fitting nuts.
  • Use proper thread lubricants and sealants on tapered pipe threads.
  • Fitting and tubing or pipe material should be similar (stainless steel fittings on stainless steel tubing or pipe, brass fittings on copper tubing, etc.) with the tubing material being fully annealed.
  • Do not weld tube fittings that are assembled. Prior to welding, remove all components such as nut, ferrule(s), o-ring, and seals. Protect the sealing and thread areas of the tube fitting by covering with a plug or another nut.

Safe Selection Warning

To help ensure the safe and reliable performance of SSP  products, complete system design must be considered prior to the installation of the tubing, hose, pipe, and fittings. Determining the design compatibility of materials, media, flows, temperatures and pressures; as well as implementing proper installation, operation and maintenance of the system are the responsibilities of the systems’ owners, designers and users.


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