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Material Standards

Forged component 316, 304 stainless ASME SA182 and ASTM A-479
Forged component CA-377 brass ASTM B-124
Forged component Carbon steel ASTM A-179
Forged component Monel 400 & Hastelloy C276 ASTM B-564
Bar stock component 316, 304 stainless ASTM A-479 and ASTM A-276
Bar stock component CA-345 and 360 brass ASTM B-453 and ASTM B-16
Bar stock component Carbon steel ASTM A-108
Bar stock component Monel 400 ASTM B-164
Bar stock componentBar stock component Hastelloy C27617-4PH ASTM B-574 and ASTM B-575ASTM A-564
Tubing 316/316L ASME SA218-08 and ASTM A-213-08a/A269-08a