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How to Order - Unilok

Unilok tube fittings are ordered by specifying part numbers as listed in this catalog. The Unilok part numbers are easy to understand, and describe tube fittings that are completely assembled and ready to be installed. The following explains the part numbering system:

D 4 MC 2  
Material Designator
(See Chart 1)
SSP Brand Designator
U = Unilok Instrumentation quality tube fittings
 Tube O.D. expressed in sixteenths of an inch
(See Chart 2)
Type of Tube Fitting Designator (See Chart 3)  2nd end connection, expressed in sixteenths of an inch, is required for a reduced size tube O.D. or a differing type of end connection such as MNPT, FNPT, etc.
(See Chart 2) 
 For special application tees, a 3rd end connection is required for a reduced size tube O.D. or a differing type of end connection such is MNPT, FNPT, etc. expressed in sixteenths of an inch
(See Chart 2)


Chart 1
Instrumentation Material Designator
ISS 316 Stainless Steel
ICS Carbon Steel
IM Monel®
IN* Nylon
IPFA* PFA Teflon®
ITFE* PTFE Teflon®

 * Ferrules Only


Chart 2: Part # Size Designators
Size Designator
Tube O.D. or MNPT, FNPT Size
1 1/16"
2 1/8"
3 3/16"
4 1/4"
5 5/16"
6 3/8"
8 1/2"
10 5/8"
12 3/4"
16 1"


Chart 3
Type of Fitting Designator
Description of Unilok
Tube Fitting Types
ANA AN Adapter
ANBU AN Bulkhead Union
ANF Female AN Adapter
ANU AN Union
BFC Bulkhead Female Connector
BMC Bulkhead Male Connector
BR 1/2"
BRU 5/8"
BU 3/4"
CP Cap
FA Female Adapter
FBT Female Branch Tee
FC Female Connector
FE Female Elbow
FRT Female Run Tee
MA Male Adapter
MBT Male Branch Tee
MC Male Connector
MCBT Male Connector Board Through
MCST Male Connector to Straight Thread Boss
ME Male Elbow
M45E Male 45° Elbow
MPWC  Male Pipe Weld Connector
MPWE Male Pipe Weld Elbow
MRT Male Run Tee
OMC O-Ring Seal Male Pipe Connector
OSC O-Ring Seal Straight Thread Connector
P Plug
PC Port Connector
R Reducer/Adapter
RPC Reducing Port Connector
RU  Reducing Union
TSWE Tube Socket Weld Elbow
TSWU Tube Socket Weld Union
U Union
UCS Union Cross
UE Union Elbow
UT Union Tee
BN Bulkhead Nut
FF Front Ferrule
KN Knurled Nut 
N Nut
TI Tube Insert