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How to Order - UltraFlare®

P 6-8 GC V
(Chart #1)
Size Designators. Tube size first, then second and third ends if applicable.
(Chart #2)
(Chart #3)
Special Modifiers
(Chart #4)


Chart #1 Family Designation
GJ UltraFlare®
J SAE 37° Flared
M SAE Flareless
P Soft-Seal Nav-Sea
S Soft-Seal SAE


Chart #2 Tube Size
2 1/8"
3 3/16"
4 1/4"
5 5/16"
6 3/8"
8 1/2"
10 5/8"
12 3/4"
14 7/8"
16 1"
20 1-1/4"
24 1-1/2"
32 2"


Chart #3 Shape
BBT Bulkhead Branch Tee with Bulkhead Nut
BE Bulkhead Elbow with Bulkhead Nut
BRT Bulkhead Run Tee with Bulkhead Nut
BU Bulkhead Union with Bulkhead Nut
C Tube to Male Pipe Thread
E Union Elbow
FC Tube to SAE Straight Thread
GBT SAE Straight Thread Branch Tee
GC Tube to SAE Straight Thread
GRT SAE Straight Thread Run Tee
ME Tube to Male Pipe Thread Elbow
SBT Female Swivel Branch Tee
SC Female Swivel Straight
SE Female Swivel Elbow
SRT Female Swivel Run Tee
T Union Tee
TFT Tube to Female Pipe Thread Run Tee
TMT Tube to Male Pipe Thread Run Tee
TTF Tube to Female Pipe Thread Branch Tee
TTM Tube to Male Pipe Thread Branch Tee
U Union
X Union Cross
Chart #4 Special Modifiers
BSSP British Standard Pipe Parellel
BSPT British Standard Pipe Tapered
-45 45° elbow
M Monel® 
V Viton® O-Ring




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