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How to Order - Pipe Swivels

How to Order: Example: W4-4J-M
W 4 4 J M
(Chart #1)
Tube Size Designators 1st End
(Chart #2)
Tube Size Designators 2nd End
(Chart #2)
Body Type
(Chart #3)
Special Modifiers
(Chart #4)


Chart #1 Family Designation
B Tube Silbraze Port
BM Male Tube Stub
BZ Tube Deep Silbraze Port
PS NPSM Swivel
SW Tube Socket
W Pipe
WM Male Pipe Stub 
WZ Pipe Silbraze Port w/ Braze Ring 


Chart #2 Tube Size
4 1/4"
6 3/8"
8 1/2"
10 5/8"
12 3/4"
16 1"
20 1-1/4"
24 1-1/2"
32 2"


Chart #3 Body Type
A Pipe Weld Adapter
C Male Pipe Connector
E Tube Socket Elbow
E-45 Tube Socket Elbow-45°
FC Female Pipe Connector
FE Female Pipe Elbow
I Tube Weld Adapter
J Male SAE 37° Flared
ME Male Pipe Elbow
ME-45 Male Pipe Elbow-45°
T Tube Socket Tee
U Tube Socket Union
X Tube Socket Cross
Chart #4 Special Modifiers
M Monel® 




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