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How to Order - FB Series

Special Orders

The Basic Ordering Numbers and Dimensions tables (page 7) contain only the most popular valve confi gurations; many more are available. If the required valve confi guration is not in the Basic Ordering Numbers and Dimensions tables, use the chart below to build part numbers for quotation purposes.

(basic ordering number) (options)
A B C   D    
38P D6 6PF -316 -GR -LD -SG

A. Valve Size

36P 0.250 Ball Orifice
38P 0.472 Ball Orifice

B + C. Inlet Type + Outlet Type

D Duolok Tube Fitting
U Unilok Tube Fitting
G Griplok Tube Fitting
DM Duolok Metric
PF Female NPT
FRT Female ISO Tapered
SS Female ORFS

Fractional Sizes:

4 1/4 in.
6 3/8 in.
8 1/2 in.
12 3/4 in.
16 1 in.

Metric Sizes:

M6 6 mm
M8 8 mm
M10 10 mm
M12 12 mm
M16 16 mm

D. Options:


(Blank) Black
-GR Green
-RD Red
-BL Blue
-YW Yellow
-OG Orange
-NH No Handle

Special Cleaning

-XP97 No Lube
-XP98 Per ASTM G93

Add options designators to the end of the Base Part Number in alphabetical order.

Tube end connection part numbers are formatted “Type” followed by “Size.” Example: D6.

Pipe end connections are formatted “Size” followed by “Type.” Example: 6PF

If both ends of the valve are the same, then only designate the end connection one time. Example 38PD8-316. If they are different, use both designators together. Example: 38PD88PF-316.

Duolok®, Unilok®, Griplok® and TruFit® are registered trademarks of SSP Corp. Expanite® is a registered trademark of Expanite, Inc. Swagelok® is a registered trademark of The Swagelok Company Parker CPITM is a trademark of Parker-Hannifi n Corp. Gyrolok® is a registered trademark of Hoke Inc.

Important Information

IMPROPER SELECTION OR IMPROPER USE OF THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN OR RELATED ITEMS CAN CAUSE PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. It is the sole responsibility of the system designers and users to properly select and use products for their specifi c applications. This document has been provided to users with technical expertise as a reference for further investigation to determine specifi c product needs relative to their design requirements.

FB Series ball valves should only be used in the full on or full off position. Throttling may damage the valve.


All FB Series valves are factory tested with Nitrogen to 1000 psig (69 bar) at 70°F (20°C).


FloLok valves are backed by the SSP Limited Life Time Warranty. This warranty is available from your local distributor or at www.mySSPusa.com

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