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Design and Operation - Weld & Braze Adapters


Weld and braze adapters join tubing or pipe to the adapter by butting the material to the fitting or by inserting the tubing or pipe into a socket in the fitting. Only Type 316L Stainless Steel should be specified for weld & braze adapters. This low carbon stainless steel (denoted by the suffix "L") minimizes post-welding corrosion called intergranular corrosion.

Suggested Applications for Weld & Braze Adapters

Weld and braze adapters are designed for joining tubing or pipe to other components carrying pressurized fluid or gas. They are not designed for mechanically joining components. The weld connection should not be subject to these weight loading stresses. Because of the permanent nature of the seal, weld and braze adapters are frequently used in hydraulic systems with extremely high operating pressures and/or vibration.

Feature Weld & Braze Pipe Fittings & Adapters
Pressures Very high to 12,000psi 
Temperature Stainless: -425° to 1200°F
Monel®: -65° to 800°F 
Vibration Resistance


Materials Available 316L stainless
M405 Monel®
Size Available (tubing OD)  1/8" – 2"
Seal Reliability Excellent. Permanently brazed or welded joints are leak-free & highly resisitant to vibration
Thread & Port Preparation Fluxing & other prep. Steps required for weld
Ease of Assembly Difficult. Certified welding or brazing skills required.
Ease of Maintenance N/A. Permanently assembled joint cannot be maintained.
Specification Conformance
(design & thread)
 ANSI B31.1, B31.7
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