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Needle Valves - SSP  Special Alloys

SSP offers needle valves for instrumentation, controls, testing, laboratory, and other applications. Find Needle Valves for your applications.

Integral Bonnet Needle Valves | 100 and 600 Series

Needle Valves -Stainless Steel Integral Bonnet

100 & 600 Series Needle Valves are general purpose integral bonnet needle valves.  Integral bonnet needle valves are use in instrumentation, laboratory, gas delivery system, and a wide variety of other applications.

  • MAWP: Up to 6000 psig
  • Temperature:  -40° to 450° F (-40 to 232° C)
  • Orfice Sizes: 0.63 to 0.343
  • Stem Tip: Vee-tip metal and PCTFE tip soft-seal
  • Packing Materials: PTFE and PEEK
  • Body Materials: Alloy 400, Alloy -276
  • Straight Pattern
  • End Connections: Duolok tube fitting, TruFit pipe fittings
  • End connection sizes: 1/8 to 1/2. 

Locked Bonnet Needle Valves | LN Series

Stainless Steel Needle Valves - LN Series

LN Series Needle Valves provide flow regulation, metering and leak-tight shutoff for severe Oil and Gas, power, chemical, and petrochemical application up to 10,000 psig (689 bar) and up to 1200°F (648°C).  LN Series needle valves feature live loaded chevron packing below the stem for durability and reduce maintenance.

  • MAWP: Up to 10,000 psig (689 bar)
  • Temperature:  -100° to 1200°F (-73 to 648°C)
  • Stem Tip: Vee, PCTFE, Regulating and Metering Tips
  • Flow Coeffiicient (Cv): up to 2.18 
  • Body Materials: Alloy 400 and C-276
  • Straight and Angle Patterns
  • Non-rotating vee, regulating, soft-seal, and metering tips
  • Packing below the stem threads
  • End Connections: Duolok tube fitting, TruFit pipe fittings, and weld ends 
  • End Connection Sizes:  1/8 to 1/2 in.
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