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TurnPro Reaming and Deburring Tool

The TurnPro Reaming and Deburring tool provides a fast and reliable method for preparing tube ends prior to tube fitting installation. Deburring can help ensure that tubing seats properly into the tube fitting. It also can remove burrs from the inside edge of the tube to prevent them from obstructing the flow path or entering the system to cause damage to sensitive equipment..

Deburring tool


  • Three hollow-ground cutters allow cutting in both directions.
  • Provides reaming and deburring on inside and outside tube ends
  • Enable clockwise and counter clockwise operation
    • Reduce rotation required to complete deburring
    • Complete reaming and deburring without regripping the tool
  • Tough die cast body for durability
  • Comfortable grip

Deburring Tool Ordering Information

Part Number Works On Weight
TP-TDT-24 1/8” to 1-1/8” O.D. 8.0oz



Catalog-Tools and Accessories-Hand Tools-Reamer Deburring Tool
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