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Benchtop Tube Straightener

New Methods Improving Tube System Fabrication Efficiency and Reducing Waste
The SSP tube straightener allows installers to run continuous lines of seamless tubing without fittings or welding. The tube straightener allows installers to straighten exactly what they need for each tubing section, reducing waste and connections.


  • Straightens 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 in. heavy walled tubing
  • Reduces waste and saves time - straighten exactly what they need.
  • Fast! Set up and pull tubing in minutes
  • One person can pull even heavy walled 1/2 in. tubing
  • Lightweight (42 lbs.) straightener
  • Change sizes in minutes
  • Mounts on a bench top, tail gate, trailer hitch or any similar surface
  • Durable carrying case contains everything necessary to straighten tubing.
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