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Shale Oil & Gas

SSP helps shale oil and gas production and midstream companies operate faster, safer, and with less waste. 


For more information:
Phone: (330) 998-7374
Email: shale@mysspusa.com

High quality products ensure leak-tight installations and a safer and cleaner environment

Properly installed products create safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly operations. SSP fittings and valves are tested to exceed industry standards and requirements. Combined with proper training, SSP products can:
  • Reduce installation time and make installation easier
  • Reduce emissions and their impact on the environment
  • Reduce the time and cost required to construct and operate shale projects.

Job site and technical support keep projects moving

3EDA707272D44832B1EDE7D48FB7EA49.jpegSSP provides job site and technical support that keep your people on the job and the job moving forward. 
  • Local distribution can quickly respond to deliver products from a local inventory and provide services on a regular basis
  • On-site trailers provide a store of products right at your job site.  This keeps your out of the truck and on the job.
  • Technical service is available from your trained local distributor or from SSP customer service.

Safe Selection and Installation Training

The shale oil and gas business has taken off in rural areas where skilled labor is scarce.  Customers tell us that one of the most difficult challenge in opening a new play is to find people who can safely select and install the right products using the right tools and methods.In the Utica play, SSP has partnered with Zane State College to teach established best practices for:
  • Valve and fitting identification and selection
  • Tube and pipe fitting installation
  • Tube bending and tube system fabrication

This is hands-on training using the products and tools that participants will use in the field. Certificates of Completion and wallet cards will be provided to successful candidates.




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