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Process Measurement and Control

Instrumentation is the science of process measurement and control (PM&C).  Instruments such as analyzers, flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature probes and thermometers, level gauges, and control valves are used for measuring and modifying field parameters. They are either installed remotely and operated in an automated fashion, or directly and in a manual fashion. The field parameters they measure and control deal with system flow, pressure, temperature, field calibration, and final control technology.  

The PM&C system is critical to the operation of the plant or product. Instrument fittings, valves, and tubes are the veins and arteries of the system. Without their perfect and efficient operation, the objectives of PM&C cannot be met.

SSP understands the role and importance of our products to the successful operation of PM&C systems and we've developed particular expertise in the industries listed here.



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