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Needle Valves - LN Series Locked Bonnet Needle Valves


SSP is now offering LN Series Locked Bonnet Needle Valves for demanding applications with pressure up to 6000 psig (413 bar) and temperature from -65 to 1200°F (-53 to 648°C).  LN Series valves can improve safety and productivity and reduce maintenance and installation costs when compared with union bonnet and other severe service designs.  LN Series Needle valves offer:

  • Locked bonnet design which prevents accidental disassembly during operation, maintenance and from system vibration.
  • Live-loaded chevron reduces the need for packing adjustments and maintenance
  • Non-rotating stem which can eliminate seat damage and reduce packing wear
  • Stem threads above the packing to prevent system media from infiltrating the threads and washing away thread lubricants

For more information about LN Series Locked Bonnet Needle Valves, please see your authorized SSP Distributor or contact SSP Customer Service.


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