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LP Series Rising Plug Valves and Gauge Valves

02 September, 2015
LP Series Rising Plug valves use a unique set of features that can improve reliability and reduce the operating costs for process instrumentation applications.

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New Product: LN Series Locked Bonnet Needle Valves

06 July, 2015
LN Series valves can improve safety and productivity and reduce maintenance and installation costs compared with union bonnet and other severe service designs.

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FB Series Multipurpose Ball Valve - Press Release

02 June, 2015
SSP adds FB Series Multipurpose Ball Valve to FloLok Instrumentation Valve Family

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SSP appoints Tulsa Gas Technologies as first CNG Plus Service Center

11 March, 2015
SSP and Tulsa Gas Technologies announce first CNG Plus Service Center

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SSP at the 2014 North American NGV Conference and Expo

27 October, 2014
SSP at the 2014 North American NGV Conference and Expo

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EB Series Encapsulated Ball Valve

25 June, 2014
SSP now offers a one-piece instrumentation ball valve

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Seamless Stainless Steel Coiled Tubing

01 May, 2014
SSP now provides seamless stainless steel coiled tubing

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SSP Releases New EB Series Ball Valves

09 October, 2013
SSP Corporation Adds EB Series Ball Valves to Their Growing Family of Instrumentation Valves

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SSP Announces CNG Plus™ 5500 PSI Stainless Steel Coiled Tubing

08 October, 2013
SSP announces CNG Plus™ stainless steel coiled tubing, the only tube specifically design for CNG fueling station construction

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SSP is Green Sponsor at AltWheels 2013

01 October, 2013
SSP will be a Green sponsor at the Eighth Annual AltWheels Fleet Day in Norwood, MA on Monday, Oct. 7th

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TurnPro Hand Tools Introduction

06 December, 2012
SSP announces complete TurnPro hand tool line. The TurnPro line supports SSP’s distributor network with equipment to improve tube preparation and tube fitting installation.

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New Distributor - Detroit Flex Defense

17 August, 2012
SSP is proud to announce our newest distributor - Detroit Flex Defense

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Duolok and A-Lok Interchange and Intermix

10 February, 2012
SSP conducted interchange-intermix tests in our ISO 17025 accredited Technical Center Laborotory, in every case interchanged and intermixed Duolok and A-LOK assemblies passed the tests! Read the full article to find out how you can receive a free report!

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SSP Duolok has Lowest Make Up Torque of All Major Competitors

07 February, 2012
The force required to assemble, or “make-up,” an instrumentation fitting is one of the most important variables that manufacturers attempt to control and minimize. Consistently low make-up torque reduces installer fatigue, facilitates proper assembly, and ultimately contributes to safer, leak-free connections. Read more to receive a free report!

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SSP receives TA Luft Certification for valves

10 November, 2011
SSP Valves and FloLok valves have received TA Luft Certification.

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Wanted: Members for SSP’s Silver Eagle Brigade

11 September, 2011
SSP Wants An Elite Group of Experienced CNC and Screw Machine Operators

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SSP Featured In Manufacturing Today

29 June, 2011
Click to see our featured article in Manufacturing Today!

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Dave Brown is ASQ Fellow

02 May, 2011

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Announcing TurnPro, handheld power tool

02 May, 2011
TurnPro helps installers save time

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