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Downloadable Catalogs

Instrumentation Products Overview

Valves, Fittings, Tubing, Hose and Tubing Catalog 

Valve Catalogs

 Plug Valve Catalog - PV Series Quarter Turn Plug Valves Lift Check Valves Catalog

Ball Valves - EB Series Encapsulated Ball Valves - FB Series Multipurpose

Ball Valves - TB Series Trunnion

 Severe Service Needle Valves, Regulating Valves, Metering Valves Rising Plug Gauge Valves - LP Series

Ball Valves, Needle Valves, Meteriing Valves, Plug Valves, Purge Valves, Quick Connects    

Fittings Catalogs

Tube Fittings - Duolok Fractional Catalog Tube Fittings Catalog - Duolok Metric

 Tube Fittings Catalog - Unilok Single Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings Tube Fittings Catalog - Griplok Dual Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings 

Pipe Fittings Catalog- TruFit IPS Pipe Fittings 10K Pipe Fittings Catalog- TruFit 10K


 Tools Catalogs

 Tube Fitting Tools Catalog

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